• Japanese Vocabulary: The Shortcut

    Your first 800 Japanese words

Do you want to learn Japanese words efficiently?

Understanding real-life Japanese conversations

Our course is based on real-life Japanese conversations. You will learn how exactly Japanese people use Japanese. We won’t teach you rigid, outdated textbook-style Japanese.

Watching anime without subtitles

Learning common words will help you understand anime without subtitles. You will finally be able to use learning Japanese as a legitimate excuse to watch an anime.

Interacting with real-life Japanese people

Do you want to make Japanese friends or even date a Japanese girl or a Japanese guy? If you understand Japanese, you will be able to talk to the vast majority of Japanese people who don’t speak English.

The concept behind our lessons

If you know 20% of the most common words, you will understand 80% of conversations


Textbooks and apps often teach you random words that we don’t quite use often. That’s not the most efficient way of learning a language. You can use the same amount of time to focus on the most common words.

(*) The actual percentage may vary. The point is that a small number of words consist of a large portion of everyday language.

Introducing “Japanese Vocabulary: The Shortcut”

Only using the most common words

We will use most common words repeatedly in our lessons. Every word we use is an important word that you have to learn as soon as possible. You will learn the most important words very fast In different contexts.

You can listen to the dialogues

We will read all the dialogues in the lessons. You can also learn correct pronunciation.

Practice your Japanese

You can practice making sentences using the words you learn. Our team of native Japanese speakers will reply to you.

New lessons every week

Learning Japanese is a continuous process. So we will make new lessons every week using the most common words. With this approach, you will be exposed to the same words in different situations. It’s impossible not to learn these words.

Lessons for different levels

Whether you are a beginner or at an intermediate level, you can find the right lessons for you. We have four different levels to choose from. Higher levels use more words. You can choose as many levels as you want.

Access to archive

Your will have access to our past lessons.

  • “This is the kind of dream course I wish I had when I was learning foreign languages. It fills the gap between a beginner level and an advanced level.”

    - Yuta Aoki, Founder of Japanese Vocabulary: The Shortcut

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